Sarah Willilams
1st Trombone


Lauren Cook
2nd Trombone
Committee Member 
Lauren C_edited.jpg

Sarah has been playing trombone most of her life and has been a member of the Towcester Studio Band for a couple of years. To support and play in her local brass band has not only broadened her musical repertoire but also given her the chance to meet new people and join a lovely, welcoming community

Chris Stevens
Bass Trombone

Lauren starting playing Trombone when she was 9 years old and joined Towcester Studio Band in 2016. She enjoys new challenges and makes sure she practises for at least half an hour every day. Lauren also likes to play pieces that are outside her comfort zone and enjoys contesting.

Phil Bearman

Chris started playing Trombone at the age of 10, joining Towcester Studio Band in 1970. He has never played any brass instrument other than trombone. Chris realised one of his personal ambitions when competing with the band at the Royal Albert Hall in 1985 and has enjoyed numerous tours with the band to places such as Germany, Holland and Austria.