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TSB2 - Monday Club

TSB2 is Towcester Studio Band's informal ensemble that meets on Monday evenings and is open to all brass and percussion players regardless of age or membership of other music groups.

(However, due to informal format it is not open to beginners).

You never really know what music you might end up playing at TSB2. A favourite activity of ‘Monday Club’ is ‘Band Bingo’ which sometimes involves some challenging sight reading of random choices of music from the band's extensive music library.

It doesn't have a resident conductor, but if one is needed for a piece or two, we always seem to have a willing 'wagger' from within the group.

So if you fancy doing a bit of extra playing while broadening your musical horizons, why not come along to our band hall from 7:45pm until 9:45pm on a Monday?

There's something for everyone at TSB2 - Monday Club

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