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Audio and Video Clips

This page contains a selection of recordings made by us over the years.

During the Covid Pandemic, the Brass Band world came together to create hundreds of 'Lockdown' vidoes. Here are some of the vidoes created by us.

March 2021 - Cory Online Contest 2021

On Saturday 27th March 2021 TSB took part in the 2nd International Cory Online Brass Band Championships competing against 11 other bands from various different countries such as South Korea, Australia, Germany and Northern Ireland.

TSB were thrilled to be place 5th and were also awarded 2 prizes, one for Best Regional Music and the other for Best Trombone Section. 

Our programme consisted of 4 pieces and were a representation of Northamptonshire. The programme included: The Chain, March of the Cobblers, Candle in the Wind and Padstow Lifeboat. 

TSB dedicated Candle in the Wind to their dear friend and Principal Euphonium player Dr John Mudway, who sadly passed away early this year. 

Once again another big thank you to, Lyn Stoneman for putting it all together. 

January 2021 - A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square - Tom Stoneman

Following the passing of our Principal Euphonium player - Dr John Mudway - his wife Alison asked if we could play one of their favourite peices 'A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square' at his funeral. Due to COVID resrictions, only a small group (5 players) were allowed to play as the hearse drew up to the crematorium. The piece has been specially arranged by Tom Stoneman for Dr John, Alison and Hannah as a tribute to a wonderful man.  His wife, Alison, has asked us to share our 'lockdown' recording with you all 

John M_edited_edited.jpg

September 2020 - Cory Online Contest 2020

On Friday 18th September TSB participated in the Cory Online Brass Band Championships. They competed against 9 other bands from various different countries including South Korea, Australia, Germany and Northern Ireland.

TSB are very pleased to announce that they won a total of not one, not two but 3 prizes! These included best soloist, best Welsh piece and 3rd place overall.


Online Cory Contest Trophies.jpg

Congratulations to our youngest member, 14 year old Ewan Rigby for his outstanding performance of 'Blaydon Races' and winning the prize for best soloist. Massive thanks also goes to Lyn Stoneman for his IT skills and to the band for their fantastic performance. 

To listen to our full performance CLICK HERE

 Dec 2018 - Jingle Bell Challenge

Towcester Maket Square - December 2018 - Facebook Challenge

 Oct 2017 - Towcester 917 : Jonathan Bates

Inaugural performance - St Lawrence Church, Towcetser- Saturday 7th October 2017

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