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Mr. and Mrs. Towcester Studio Band

We, at TSB wish to say a MASSIVE Congratulations to Chris and Pauline Stevens, aka Mr and Mrs TSB, on receiving a Citizen's Award for their services to Towcester Studio Band.

Chris has been a playing member of the band for over 50 years and is the current Chairman. Pauline has been looking after the financial side of the band for many years as our Treasurer.

Both Chris and Pauline take on many of the 'dirty' jobs (unblocking drains, dealing with builders and

lawyers, keeping the band hall clean and tidy, organising social events...... the list goes on and on) - All without any desire for recognition.

As the saying goes - "Cut them in half and you will see 'TSB' ".

We are very lucky to have such committed people involved with us.

Towcester Town Mayor said :

Pleased to present two more Citizen’s Awards today to Pauline and Chris Stevens. Both volunteer tirelessly for Towcester Studio Band.


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