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Cheltenham - Here we come !

On Sunday 3rd March 2024, TSB competed in the Midlands Regional Brass Band competition and were awarded 3rd place and received an invitation to represent the Midlands 3rd Section at the National Finals, held at Cheltenham, in September. This will be the first time that we will have competed at the finals since 2001.

For a number of weeks our MD, Neil Brownless, has been putting the band through their paces on the test piece, Corineus by Christopher Bond.  We also had a very productive session with Mike Fowles of Foden's band where some valuable musical advice was received.

Contest day, started with a morning rehearsal in a church hall in Rushton (south of Corby), where after the customary warm-up by playing some hymns, Neil got us to 'sing' our parts – fortunately this was not being adjudicated on. We then travelled to the contest venue to find out that we had been drawn to play at number 12, out of 16 bands.

Following the usual last minute breathing exercises and registration process, we lined up and went to our seats on the stage. Allowing for the ever present contest nerves, the band keenly watched Neil, remembered all (most) of what we had rehearsed and made a performance that we were all happy with.

Fortunately, after a relatively 'late draw' we had time for a coffee before returning to the contest hall to hear the adjudicators remarks and all important results. Although the adjudicator’s remarks could be deemed 'controversial' - especially regarding the use of electronic tuners - 3 bands were told that they fully deserved to be going to the Finals.

The results started with 4th place, this was awarded to the Ratby Co-operative Mid band, and then in 3rd place - Towcester Studio Band :). We would also like to congratulate Wellington (Telford) - 2nd, and Thrapston - 1st who will be joining us in Cheltenham.


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