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Flugel & Tenor Horns


Pete Bull

Samantha Buckland
Solo Horn

At 9 years Sam learnt to play the cornet, and was taught by renowned Brass Band trainer Adele Hudson, nee Sellers. Sam played Flugel Horn in the County Training Band for a year before migrating to the full band. Sam played solo cornet in county youth brass band initially, but switched to tenor horn after a short period. She was promoted to principle tenor horn for county youth, a position she held for 2 years before moving on. At the age of 16 her love of music took another direction when she had formal singing lessons with Julian Taylor. She progressed in double quick time and a first notable performance was in the Sponne School production of Westside Story! Sam has now occupied the Solo Tenor Horn seat at Towcester Studio Band for several years. Sam's most memorable experiences include : Playing in the Royal Albert Hall with County Youth Band and Sponne School Band, going on tour with the Band and getting the opportunity to sing the national anthem on sky sports for an international rugby match.

Helen Smith
1st Horn

Helen has always had a love of music from an early age : dancing, singing and playing both tenor and treble recorders. Helen would often accompany her older siblings who played in the local youth brass band. It was at this time (at the age of 10) that she decided that she wanted to learn to play the tenor horn and so started having lessons at the secondary school and also started playing with the youth band. When at secondary school she joined the school band, playing Solo horn in both bands for many years. Whilst Helen attended the Wessex Music, she was tutored by Sandy Smith and Wes Garner for many years. She also gained valuable experience under the baton of Derek Broadbent, Courtney Bosanko and Stan Lippeat to name a few. Helen played for Northfleet and Cantium brass bands before settling in Banbury (after meeting her future husband at Whit Friday Marches in 2000). Helen has played for Championship section Oxford City, Brackley and District Brass Band. Helen has also enjoyed  being with Towcester Studio band on 1st /solo horn for a number of years.


Nicola Stevens
2nd Horn

Nicola started playing tenor horn in 2005, aged 8, being taught by former Towcester Studio Band conductor, Adele Sellers. After growing up with her dad Chris in the band (playing bass trombone) and attending many brass band concerts and contests throughout her life, she had always looked forward to joining the band. A few years later, she changed to playing cornet and started playing occasionally with the Band over the Christmas period of 2009, becoming a full member in 2010 just in time to celebrate the band’s centenary. Nicola also returned to playing tenor horn with the Northampton County Youth Brass Band in 2015. TSB welcomes Nicola back to rehearsals and engagements whenever she has a break from her University studies (Optometry at Aston University).

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