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Towcester Studio Band has the greatest pleasure in acknowledging South Northants Council’s Community Funding Panel award of £34,997.

The Band Hall was built in 1958 and has been well maintained but does not have disabled facilities. This funding, taken together with the £40,036 awarded by SNC in 2016, will give the Band the capacity to offer enhanced and fully inclusive provision in Towcester for brass players and percussionists in and around Towcester. The project will enable the Band to develop by providing the basic requirements necessary to establish additional playing groups for children, young people and adults, that are inclusive and affordable.

A very important step towards this aim was the establishment this year of our embyronic Training Band, trained and conducted by Keith Muggeridge, a professional music teacher with a huge wealth of experience of playing in some of the best brass bands in the country.

Towcester Studio Band is very appreciative of the support provided by SNC and by the Town Council, which gave its support to the Band's application.

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