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Over £5,000 raised for Air Ambulance

Meeting the crew that saved my life has to be one of the most emotional experiences I’ve ever had. It was Monday 28th November. Nineteen months after the accident, but I was surprised that the crew

remembered pretty much everything of the scene.

Some of that is due to the fact that it was their first call out of the day. I’d never realised, or thought about the fact that until about this time last year, due to vision and lack of headlight capabilities, they could not function in the dark. This just shows how lucky I was as my accident was just before 7 in the morning, as I was going in to school early to do some practice on the area piece. Any earlier at all and it would just not have been possible to get any attention at all. Obviously, I’m massively grateful that they were able to postpone their bacon sandwiches on the day.

I must admit I had really not known what to expect at all and, obviously, had absolutely no recollection of the first half of last year, yet alone the day of my accident. However, saying that it was easy to pick up on the warmth and special nature of everyone involved in the service. They are a fantastic group of people who are completely and utterly dedicated to there role, which is obviously a way of life.

They were all delighted to hear how the money was raised by the players form GUS, Fairey and Desford bands and of course Towcester Studio and could see how these ensembles are so important to me, as they always have been, and all played such a big part in my recovery, that Thames Valley Air Ambulance service has allowed to happen

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