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Towcester Studio Band is proud to announce that Will Wilkins is selected to play for the National Yo

Will Wilkins plays Solo Euphonium for TSB and sadly will be leaving us this year as he starts his academic studies at university. His friend Andy Goldfinch is also off on study leave as he too heads to university. However their friendship will be continued as Will has recently been invited to join the NYBB.

Andy has been a member for two years but Will’s appointment was quite recent. There was no opportunity to audition for a Euphonium position but the band had an unexpected vacancy for Bb Bass and put out an advert looking for a replacement. As Will had missed the chance to audition for the band on euphonium, he decided to go for the Bb Bass position as this is an instrument that he played at TSB in the past. Having applied he was offered an audition, but due to a European tour with Sponne School Band, he had a short five days to get used to the instrument. With some useful coaching from Andy, who plays Eb Bass, Will had to learn a new piece in time for the audition! He travelled to Repton in Derbyshire for the audition and following a successful demonstration of his playing skills was offered a place in the NYBB. The hard work starts now.

In addition to Will and Andy’s achievements several of TSB’s talented young musicians continue to impress with their music studies reaching Grade 8 accreditation, and representation at County level. Georgia, Susie & Lauren Humphrey, Sophie Hart, David Foulger, Tom Stone, Tom Stoneman, Will Wilkins and Andy Goldfinch are all established members of NMPAT groups. Nicola Stevens has also recently auditioned for the County Youth Band. The committee and members of TSB would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our young players on recent achievements and wish you all continued success.

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