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Gail Devlin-Jones 

Gail began playing percussion for Towcester in the 70s and has also played for the Newham Band. Highlights have included playing for Newham in two Champion Section National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall, which also included being an additional percussionist for a National Gala Concert. Her proudest moment was playing at the Royal Albert Hall for Towcester in the 2nd Section Finals in 1985. Gail has recently re-joined the Band after a twenty year break.


Fiona Parias

Committee Member


Heather Lowe

Heather is our newest percussionist and describes herself as a very lost flautist! She started playing in brass bands in 2017 and moved to TSB in 2021. Heather was originally a violinist with the LSSO and currently plays flute and piccolo with the Caravan and Motorhome Club Concert Band. She started acoustic guitar at 4, violin at 7, choir at 9, flute at 11, piccolo at 13, English and Anglo concertina and church bells at 18, upright and electric bass at 24 and percussion at 26.

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